General Questions

1Can I return defective product?
Yes, within 30 days of purchase according to our Shipping & Returns Policies
2Do we have a catalog?
Our catalog is our website.
3How do you accept payment?
We take VISA, MasterCard and American Express
4How do I track my order?
There are two ways to track your order:

1. Use the "My Account" under the account info link at the top right of the website. On your account screen, click orders list of all orders will show. Just click the appropriate status link.
2. You receive at least two emails for every order. First a confirmation of order and then a shipping notification. Every shipping notification email will have a status tracking link in the email. You can use the link in the email, or you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser. The tracking link in the email is active for as long as the shipping service archives the information.